Attention Parents and Students,
We want to thank all of the students and parents for helping to make half virtual/ half in-person instruction operational over the last two weeks.  However, one area of concern we need to address is online professionalism, including the dress code. When students are learning from home, they are in a very real way, learning at school.  Students should dress appropriately, sit in a well-lit room at a table or desk, and act professionally.  This will help ensure your academic success and prepare for the day when you return to school in-person. 
Students must follow the dress code to participate in instruction at Indian River Charter High School and the dress code applies to all students, including those who are learning online from home. The dress code does not allow pajamas, tank tops, shorts that are less than knee-length, or skirts that are less than knee-length. 
For an in-depth description please reference the student handbook, which contains the full dress code.  To access it online, click on the following link: . 
Thank you in advance for addressing these concerns.
The Administration of Indian River Charter High School