Virtual Curriculum Day

Dear Parents, Students, and Teachers,


On Wednesday, Nov 18th, Indian River Charter High School will be altering our traditional schedule to a have a Virtual Curriculum Day.  Curriculum Day is a part of our Integrated Thematic Curriculum which focuses on time eras beginning with the Ancient World and culminating after four years in the Post-Modern Era.  Curriculum Day typically occurs once a semester in order to enlighten students to the concepts and events of the historical time era.  The time period of this semester is the Baroque (1600-1750).  On a normal Curriculum Day, students would travel with their Homebase peers to each subject in order to learn about the genre within the time period.  Due to Covid-19 precautions and this year’s unique scheduling of on-campus activities, we will be altering these procedures for Curriculum Day and changing the venue to online.  


On Wednesday morning, students will log on via Google Meet into their Homebase class at 8 AM and watch a series of videos created by each department.  In between these videos, the Homebase teacher will be conducting a discussion regarding the lesson and the overall theme. Attendance will be taken by the Homebase teacher, as Curriculum Day is an official day of school. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT CAMERAS MUST BE ON FOR THE DISCUSSION SEGMENTS OF CURRICULUM DAY.  The Homebase teachers will determine student breaks throughout the day and dismiss the students between 12:00-12:30 once the Curriculum Day lesson is complete.      


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Homebase teacher for instructions.


Thank you and Happy Curriculum Day