Midterm Exam Schedule Fall 2020

Dear Parents and Students,
Attached below is a copy of the midterm exam schedule for this semester.  This schedule has been created with the intention of not overloading classrooms with students, as the infection rate for COVID in this county and nationwide continues to rise. Departures from our typical schedule have necessitated slightly longer exam periods so that we meet statutory requirements for annual instructional minutes. 
Wednesday, 12/16, will not be a typical "virtual Wednesday", as we will have exams that day.  
Frequently asked questions regarding exams:
Exam Types and Grading
  • Exams count for 20% of a student's overall Semester grade each class. 
  • Teachers have the option of utilizing a project or a big assignment in lieu of an exam.  
  • Even if your student does not have an exam scheduled during midterms, they must be present during the assigned exam time.  
  • Teachers will take attendance during exam week.
  • Students who have a break on their schedule do not have to be at school for that scheduled exam time.
  • Group O, A, and B students are required to be on campus for the time and date specified for each of their exams. 
  • Group V students will take the exam from home at the time and date specified.  They are not required to be on campus.
Testing Center
  • The testing center will be available from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day of exam week.  
  • Students with accommodations per their IEP or 504 may take their midterm exams in the testing center. They need to stop by their classroom before the exam and check-in with their teacher. 
  • If students finish an exam before the end of the exam period, they will return to class.  
Midterm Exam Schedule