Students Will Take the iReady Benchmark Diagnostic Fri. 8/27 @8:30am

Dear Families of Indian River Charter High School,

To ensure progress in high school, Indian River Charter High School is required to track student achievement.  Therefore on Friday, August 27th the entire school will be completing the iReady benchmark diagnostic.  The iReady diagnostic tool is a measurement tool used to gauge student progress. It is not a state standardized test nor is it the module-based learning software that many of you are familiar with from your student’s elementary or middle school years. 

iReady will be administered once on Friday and then two subsequent times in the winter and spring to measure achievement.  If a parent requests the diagnostic, they are entitled to the iReady data and can obtain it through their student’s Homebase teacher.  

This Friday students will not be attending their traditional schedule, but instead report to Homebase and log into the iReady website.  Your student’s Homebase teacher will be monitoring their progress to ensure they complete the diagnostic to the best of their abilities.

The scheduled times for the iReady diagnostic are as follows:

8:30-10:00 – Math Diagnostic

10:00-10:30 – Snack Break

10:30-12:00 – Reading Diagnostic

**If students cannot take the iReady assessment at for any reason (Wifi, absence,etc.) please contact your HB teacher for instructions.

If you have any questions about iReady, please ask your contact your student’s Homebase teacher or Ms. Shannon Berrios.