VAPA DAY! May 14th

Indian River Charter High School | Schumann School form the Visual and Performing Arts

Below is the schedule for VAPA Day 2022 as well as the content of your audition. 

Saturday May 14th





9:00 am 

General Meeting 

The Charter Hall

This brief meeting will be in The Charter Hall and will review the details of VAPA Day.  This is not mandatory, but an opportunity to ask questions.  

9:20 - 9:45

Choir Class | Warmup

Room 402

Students auditioning for the choir program will attend a warm up class.  Choir students must attend this class in order to audition 


Dance Class 

Ballet Studio (room 416)

Technical Theater Tour (dome)

All Students auditioning for the dance program will take this class as their audition 

9:30am - 2pm (times may vary by dept) 

Individual Auditions 

Instrumental - Room 400

Choir- room 402

Acting/Musical Theater- 502

Visual Arts- Dome

Practice Rooms will be available on a first come first serve basis for instrumentalists to warm up.  Students may also use the Dome area to warm up prior to your audition. No warm ups will be permitted in the hallways outside of the bandroom.  See audition details below.  


  • If you are auditioning in more than one area, please leave yourself plenty of time between audition times. 
  • This is not a guarantee of admittance.  Letters of admittance to IRCHS are going out this week.  If you are not admitted into IRCHS, please delete your audition sign up.  
  • If you miss your audition time, please see the director at the end of the auditions.
  • If you are auditioning for choir or dance, you must attend the classes/warmups.  Do not sign up for any other audition times during these class times. 
  • Audition rooms may start early and/or run late.  Be outside of the audition location 15 minutes before your audition.  
  • Bring materials needed for the audition as well as water and a snack.  
  • Read all auditioning requirements (next page) 
  • Only the directors, and a few student helpers, are allowed in the room.  Parents may wait outside of the room while the student auditions.  
  • Ask questions.  If you have any questions about the audition, feel free to reach out to the individual director . 
  • Have fun.  If you are having fun, the others in the room will be having fun.  We want to see you succeed.  We want to see you at your best. 
  • Visual arts meetings are not auditions. All freshmen start in fundamentals classes and can work at their own skill level within this class. The meetings are simply to determine what path to pursue, and to meet teachers. Transfer students can be placed in upper level classes based on approval.