F.A.S.T Reading Test August 18th, 2023

All 9th-grade and 10th-grade students will take the F.A.S.T Reading test Friday, August 18th. This will be administered in the student's homebase classroom*. Students should come prepared with their school Chromebooks charged and arrive at their homebase classroom at 8:00am.
11th and 12th-grade students will meet with their homebase teacher at 8:00 am and remain with their homebase until lunch. 
The normal class schedule will resume after lunch. First period will not be in session, the school day will start at 8:00am for everyone.
*Students with accommodations will receive their testing location information from Jessica Kelly and/or Lori Kafer via email. These students will report to their designated testing location at 8am instead of their homebase.