Important documents due Monday, August 14th

Today during Homebase class, your student was given 3 important documents to return on Monday, August 14th. The first document is a residency form required by the state of Florida, the second is the free and reduced student lunch form, and the third is an alternate name request form.  

Due to changes in Florida state statute, the residency form is mandatory to maintain enrollment in the county. The free and reduced lunch form only needs to be completed if families feel they qualify under the perimeters listed on the form. The alternate name request form is required for IRCHS to use ANY deviation of the student's name listed on focus. (i.e. Billy for William, Lily for Lillianna, etc.). You may submit multiple "nicknames" for your student on a single form. Take note of all options listed at the bottom of the form. 
Please remember these are due to be submitted to the student's homebase teacher on Monday, August 14th.