Homebase is a positive, safe, and respectful environment.  It is part study hall, part lunchroom, and part family room. Homebase students are on-campus brothers and sisters to each other.  Personal conflicts must be resolved in a respectful manner; any and all issues should be shared with the Homebase teacher first.  The Homebase teacher is an on-campus mentor and advocate for the student.  He or she is there to help students with the following:

Academic Success
Responsibility and Respect
Character, Citizenship, and Cultural awareness and tolerance
Health (mental and physical)

A student's enrollment at IRCHS from year to year is dependent upon his/her completion of the following each semester:

  • Completion of weekly chores
  • Attendance of Monday and Friday Homebase class
  • Conference with Homebase teacher at least once every month
  • 1 Cultural Event, 1 Government Meeting, and 10 Volunteer Hours every semester
  • Completion of a VAPA chore each year
  • Respect for all persons and property

Due Dates:
Spring Semester Due Dates:

Homebase requirements are due by 12:10pm on Friday, May 12th

Seniors should have completed all requirements completed on December 2nd, 2022 at 12:10pm

Grading Percentages:
Weekly Meetings (One-on-One) / Personal Development=30%
Cultural Events / Government Meetings / Volunteer Hours / VAPA Chore=MANDATORY

Grading Scale:
A, B, or F

Homebase Failure
There are a number of ways in which a student may fail Homebase including, but not limited to:

  • Violating the Homebase contract
  • Earning a letter grade of C or lower in Homebase
  • Failure to complete all of the Homebase requirements (Cultural Event,
  • Government Meeting, Volunteer Hours, and VAPA chore)

If a student fails a semester of Homebase, they are placed on probation.  If at any point a student fails Homebase for a second time, he/she will be dismissed.

Where can I find local government meetings?

Here are a few places to find government meetings. Students may also use meetings outside of this list, these are just ideas.

School District of Indian River County: Click Here

City of Vero Beach: Click Here

Indian River County Commissioners: Click Here

Please see the school calendar for IRCHS Board of Directors Meeting Schedule 

Do political rallies count as government meetings?
We encourage students to be active politically, but rallies do not count as government meetings nor do they count as cultural events.  City council, zoning commission, and school board are some examples of what would count.  We want for students to see government in action with agendas, discussions, and voting. 

Can a student miss class to attend a government meeting, cultural event, or to earn volunteer hours?
No, students who miss class to fulfill a homebase requirement will be marked for an unexcused absence.  Students have an entire semester to fulfill these requirements and instructional time is critical to a student's success.