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High School Honors Academic Courses

For high school students looking to challenge themselves, Indian River Charter High School offers a broad selection of Honors courses that fulfill the Florida Department of Education graduation requirements in English, History, Math, and Science while providing a more in-depth and conceptual curriculum.

Students in our Honors courses can expect to commit more time to their classes. These classes tend to move at a faster pace and require more reading and writing in subjects such as English Language Arts and Social Studies and a more analytical and application-based curriculum in Math and Science.   Honors students should expect to engage in independent research and sharpen their critical thinking skills.

High School Honors Visual and Performing Arts Courses

Beyond our Honors academic offerings, we also offer Honors Visual and Performing Arts Classes.  Class placements for Honors VAPA classes are determined by the director of the individual programs.  Students usually earn the opportunity to take Honors classes in their 11th and 12th-grade years.   These classes are given additional GPA points based on the curriculum, which is for the student that has more artistic and creative acumen.