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High School Honors Academic Courses

Indian River Charter High School offers a broad selection of Honors courses that fulfill the Florida Department of Education graduation requirements while providing opportunities for in-depth study.  Students in our Honors courses will select areas of interest for independent research, move quickly through the curriculum, and frequently be asked to utilize writing to convey their analysis.  In addition, all courses will move beyond analysis into the application phase of learning.   In order to grow, we must be challenged.  We encourage students who are seeking academic growth to enroll in Honors courses.

High School Honors Visual and Performing Arts Courses

Beyond our Honors academic course offerings, we provide Honors Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Classes.  Placement in a VAPA Honors classes is determined by the director of each individual program.  Typically, students earn the opportunity to take VAPA Honors classes beginning in 11th grade, though there are exceptions made based on ability.   Students have the opportunity to earn additional GPA points based on the curriculum.  These courses are for students that possess artistic and creative acumen, and we encourage students to strive towards placement in a VAPA Honors class.