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Orchestra and Percussion

"Orchestras are like people. They're the sonic embodiment of their communities."  -Simon Rattle
The IRCHS orchestra is under the direction of Mr. David Heroux, who has taught at Charter since 2011. Mr. Heroux is a 2009 graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a major in music performance. The orchestra meets during two ability-grouped class periods for which students audition for placement. Performances throughout the year include two semester concerts, the school VAPA shows, the school musical, community events, and FOA district “Solo & Ensemble”and “Concert MPA” festivals. The orchestra has been awarded “Superior” ratings at concert MPA every year since 2017, and students are regularly placed into FMEA all-state ensembles at the January conference, as well as undergraduate arts programs. Repertoire includes classical staples, modern compositions, and “pops” arrangements. 
The percussion ensemble is also under Mr. Heroux’s direction. There are no prerequisites to join; the course is open to the entire student body. Students learn a variety of techniques on the staples of percussion (snare drum, keyboards, and hand drums), and apply these techniques to a diverse array of repertoire. Students perform on VAPA shows and at various other concerts throughout the year. 
Are you ready to join? For more information about the IRCHS percussion ensemble or about the IRCHS orchestra contact Mr. Heroux at